Saturday, 25 September 2010

Discussion- YA in classroms

I follow lots of blogs (I will post a list of them here in a few days) most of them are from authors or from incredibly nice people who review the books that they read helping undecided people, like me, to choose the next book to read!
One thing I notice while reading them is that YA books are very present in schools on USA! I think that is fantastic! YA books are very interesting and most of them can reach every student! The writing, the characters, the plot, the places where the scenes take place, are all written in away that every teenager will understand and relate with making him more interested and focus on the book.
 In my country the only books we studied in classes are books (most of them) written in past centuries, that are about realities that we students are unfamiliar with and we can not relate ourselves with the characters. Because of that most lots of teens lost interest in reading and start to face the reading activity as something boring and only school related!
What is your opinion? Do you think that YA should be read and studied in classes or that only classics should be permitted in the classrooms?


basma aal said...

I think reading classics broadens your knowledge but adding YA novels will add a whole new level of excitement in class

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