Tuesday, 28 December 2010

2011: Goals & Changes

I know I've been an awful blogger these months: I've done a great deal of memes instead of reviews, I've been MIA too many times,I haven't been outgoing...
I plan in 2011 became a much better blogger:
  • I have a few ideas for new feautures
  • I plan on doing movie reviews as well
  • I plan reading other genres outside YA, though 80% of this blog will be YA related
  • I plan on writting 3 reviews per week
  • I'm going to do less memes
  • I plan on reading more (I want to read 100 books)
If you have any suggestion you would like to tell me comment or e-mail me.


basma aal said...

Thanks great

The Happy Booker said...

Those are some great ideas. I need to commit to reading/reviewing more as well. Sometimes my job and family responsibilities keep me from being as active a blogger as I would like, but I remind myself that I started blogging for my own entertainment, so I need to keep it a fun no-pressure activity.
I look forward to seeing your new features and reviews!!

Gina @ My Precious said...

It would be nice if you could take off the word verification for poring comments. Also I enjoy posts where there are questions which evolk discussions and comments. I like blogs where the blogger interacts with the commentors. I think memes are ok for me they seem to be the only way to get followers.

Kelly said...

Great goals! I also like it when bloggers evoke discussions and comments on their blogs (which is why I should start doing that myself). I look forward to reading your reviews. Happy New Year!

Lisa_sps said...

Thanks for the suggestions, they are very helpful.
Happy New Year

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