Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Discussion for all aspiring writers, writers, and authors

This discussion post is actually about writing and not about books. I know that this is a bookblog, but I believe that writing and reading are intimately connected so I decided to do this post, with a question related writing.
Now that we have put the initial ramble aside...

Yesterday I found this information in Jeffrey A. Carver site:
"If you can stand the thought of not writing, don't attempt a career as a writer. It's difficult and often painful. Don't subject yourself to it unless you are driven by a passion for it. If you find this too discouraging, you probably shouldn't aim to be a professional writer. But nothing says you can't be a happy amateur. (Remember, the root of the word "amateur" is amare, to love.) ".

So... my question is to all  aspiring writers (the ones that have a great deal of ideas, but can't sit down and put them in paper) ,writers (the ones who sit down and actually write) and authors: if you can have only one of the following things what would you choose: the ability of putting letters together and forming words or your creativity?

As an aspiring writer (I write only a few things but I don't consider myself a writer), I couldn't imagine myself, without my creativity. I love when I imagine a world, where I can set the rules and decided what's right and what's wrong, I can get lost in those thoughts for hours... I do believe that I could live without the written word, if I have my imagination was with me.

What about you?


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